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About Kyle's Coverage

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Alexandra Tran

"What A Doll"

Feature - Drama

In my 10 years of writing, I've had notes through writer's groups, various writing websites, and the occasional paid consultant. Kyle's work blows them all - yes ALL - out of the water. This is coverage that is worth paying for, and here's why:


- Kyle actually reads your script, and he proves it with the detailed thoughts and suggestions for improvement in every sentence of his coverage. He demonstrates no biases - only a passion to see your script reach its full potential.

- Kyle is the rare consultant who understands both writers AND the business. He manages to balance artistic and commercial concerns in a way that the best development execs do; in getting coverage from him you'll not only get insights to prove your work, but also an education on how the industry will read your work.

- Fast turn-around! I have sometimes waited months for coverage, only to be underwhelmed with the results. Kyle's turnaround is fast, without sacrificing the quality of work.


What is needed is precisely what Kyle provides: in-depth coverage from a source knowledgeable about both the craft and the business. Kyle's coverage is exceptionally thoughtful and demonstrates a significant amount of time spent reading and processing the script before writing his evaluation.


Kyle's work is the most comprehensive and thoughtful coverage I have ever received.

Jennifer Cooney

"Winter Jasmine"

Feature - Drama

Kyle is my go-to for honest, intuitive, and comprehensive notes. With an extraordinary combination of technical knowledge and intuition, he unwaveringly understands my characters and my stories and helps me to unearth their most authentic expression. He is both responsive and reliable and is genuinely enthusiastic about helping writers. Kyle is an absolutely invaluable source of guidance, which I’m sure is only partially attributable to his dedication and love of writers and their craft.

Chris Courtney Martin

"Pale Horse"

Feature - Thriller

Kyle gives some of the most thoughtful and insightful notes in town, but his dedication to burgeoning writers doesn't stop there. His personal recommendation led to my first official paid writing assignment.

Jeremiah Lewis

"Black Mold"

Pilot - Horror


Feature - Action/Drama

Kyle's feedback has been remarkable in his ability to pinpoint areas of the script that aren't working, as well as holistically evaluating the work within context of other, similar (produced) works and how to go about solving those problems in ways that will remain true to the material, without the writer losing their voice, or betraying the intention of the writer or the work. Kyle has keen insight into the way characters are melded into the larger themes within a script, and how they can be improved (when needed) to strengthen those ties. He's encouraging but critical, tough without being cruel, and is timely and communicative. I'm happy to say I'm a fan of Kyle's work and am glad to have him on my team.

Jason Perlman

Producer, Director

"Zac and Mia"

Kyle is insightful, specific, and passionate when it comes to script and story feedback. I’ve trusted him for coverage and for recommending me some of the best untapped writing potential I’ve found in over ten years in the entertainment industry. This guy knows his stuff and I can’t wait for our next collaboration.

Saeed Crumpler

"Hella Shows"

Pilot - Comedy/Crime

I have used a lot of coverages: WeScreenplay, Blacklist, The ISA, Austin, teachers, other writers. To me, great coverage is: someone who understands story/industry, but also someone who can critique the story (and) make suggestions on how the writer can make it better. I hate bullshit coverage, where they blow smoke; all I care about is how can I make it better. Kyle has a great skill. Half of the stuff were problems I had in my own mind about the material, but he also gave me 4 or 5 things that I wasn't thinking about, and suggestions on both - how to make it better. This is some of the best coverage I have ever gotten.

Cameron Beyl


Feature - Thriller

Kyle brings a very personal touch that stands in stark contrast to most “one-size-fits-all” coverage.  He really wants to understand your goals with your writing and factors that into his notes.  Beyond his writing wisdom, he brings a well-balanced expertise on filmmaking and the industry as a whole, helping you to establish exactly where your project fits in the larger scope of business.

Dawn Prato


Pilot - Fantasy

Sometimes, getting coverage for a genre spec script gives you the sense the reader doesn't know the stories that came before yours. As soon as I got my script feedback from Kyle, I knew that he knew his stuff and understood the atmosphere of the world I was trying to build. His insightful notes on my TV pilot helped me place in competitions, and his guidance afterwards has helped me move my career forward. It's been a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to doing so in the future.

Gary Howell


Pilot - Action/Drama

Kyle has been an invaluable support system for my screenwriting.  His pitch perfect notes on my work pushed me to make the changes needed for my scripts to shine and be presentable to industry pros.  He’s been honest and meticulous in his feedback and is my biggest supporter in championing my work. I know I can rely on his coverage to make me a better writer and elevate me to the next level in my career. I’ve been getting notes on my work for years and I can honestly say that Kyle’s has the most beneficial to me. I can’t wait to work with him again on other projects.

Naja Rayne


Pilot - Drama

Kyle provides really great big picture notes that help elevate the material you're working on. They're thoughtful and make you curious about your own script in ways you haven't considered, and he gives notes in a way that don't necessarily tell you what the fix is. Rather, he gives you just enough to get your gears turning in new ways. He also offers encouraging notes about what's working in the script which is always great to hear as a creative. I know I have a better draft after implementing the notes he offered.

Daniel Murta


Feature - Horror

As a self-taught screenwriter, I look for professional feedback almost as a really short term "mentorship" so to speak. I need someone who can really read my screenplay and themes and not just skim through the pages pointing out what's in accordance with "Save the Cat!". Kyle's feedback was the most thorough and effective I've got out of six attempts. It provided constructive criticism regarding my weak points while also highlighting my strong ones. That way I could gain enough confidence in what I did right and use that confidence to rethink, re imagine and rewrite what is necessary to elevate my script.

Calyx Passailaigue

"Saorise: The Movie"

Feature - Comedy

Kyle's feedback on my script was detailed and specific, while also being encouraging and showing that he was genuinely invested in my ideas. I found his help on story construction and plotting to be especially useful!

Eva Bilick

"Choose Your Own"

Podcast - Comedy

Working with Kyle is the best thing I could have done for my series. Before he and I started working together, I'd been writing my narrative podcast for several months. The story started to feel stale, I couldn't seem to finish the first episode, and I was overwhelmed by conflicting feedback from friends. I heard about Kyle's coaching business through a classmate, and after about five minutes on the phone with him I felt such a sense of relief and support.


It was clear from the start that he was genuinely invested in my success as a writer, the story I was writing, and giving me focused attention during our sessions. His honest feedback on the work, insight into the writing process, ideas for my story and characters, as well as general demeanor have vastly improved my writing experience and my skills as a writer. Two months into working with Kyle, I feel supported, motivated, and driven to finish something I once thought could never be finished. I'd highly recommend working with Kyle for professional, kind, honest, and creative writing coaching!

Jordyn Rowland

"For the Life"

Pilot - Drama

Kyle's feedback was some of the best I've ever received. Every piece of advice was constructive in nature and made me excited about going back and editing my script. I don't think I've ever said "excited" and "editing" in the same sentence before getting my notes back from Kyle. I truly feel that the advice and critiques I got back are things I will carry with me forever.

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