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Awkward Run-Ins  w/ My Exes

TV Pilot - Romantic Dramedy - 42 Pages

After an embarrassingly public realization at her best friend's wedding, a recently-unemployed thirty-something seeks strength in her girl squad—but that strength is tested when an ex-boyfriend with more style than class arrives with an awkward proposal of his own.


Feature - Dramedy - 95 Pages

An LA Millennial treading water in the gig economy wins a storage unit on auction, and inside discovers a vintage trunk filled with a never-ending supply of memorabilia from his youth—allowing him to make an easy buck off other peoples' memories. But as the items become objects of obsession, he discovers that living in the past is no way to build a future.


Short - Comedy - 26 Pages

After a pair of single strangers are set up on a blind date destined to fail, they turn the tables on their inconsiderate hosts and enact a little dinner party vengeance of their own.

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