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Informed script insight personally tailored to engage your story, empower your craft, and help you move to the next level of your career.

Web Consultation

One-on-One Consultation

Looking for a professional eye to read your script and have an in depth, action-oriented and endlessly specific conversation about potential paths forward for your concept, story, characters and voice?


Kyle has slots available for direct personal consultations, through Phone, Skype, or Zoom. Includes an Initial set of Pre-Call notes as a primer for the up to 90-minute discussion.


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Written Coverage

As a development exec, working producer, and former major contest Administrator responsible for a reader staff of over 30, Kyle has built an approach that gets to the heart of the story, its themes, and assesses how to help break through the noise in the industry without losing its essence. 


He'll use that experience to dive deep into your work by examining the world, the characters who live there and looking for the reasons they exist, preserving the point by embracing what is working.


The result is 5-8 pages of coverage like you've never received. Quality over quantity, intended to support writers with honest but fair feedback focused on lifting you up—not tearing you down.



*Add a Two-Page Synopsis for $50
*Add a Phone Call for $50

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Creating a Movie

Script and Career Development

Hands-on personal development of a script, no matter where you are in the process. This is a workshop that caters to your needs, whether they be story, technique, pitch, or career development.


An initial script read and discussion will set the tone for how we'll proceed over the following weeks. Regular phone or video calls with Kyle keep the writer accountable and the script moving forward.


Through this process, Kyle has helped a number of working professionals keep working, including Emmy- and Oscar-nominees, staff writers, festival and contest winners, and budding artists just beginning to break in. Based on the individual needs of the piece and its creator, this approach is tailored to fit any level of screenwriter.

4 Weeks......$400

8 Weeks......$700

12 Weeks.....$900 


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