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As a performer, Kyle has been involved in dozens of productions, from Movies to Musicals, Shakespeare to Sitcoms, and all the strange and interesting concepts - commercials, industrials, PSAs, and the occasional BuzzFeed video - in between.

After a life-long obsession with theater and film, Kyle received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Emerson College in Boston. He has continued his education in Los Angeles, taking classes and otherwise working with some of the most respected names in the business.


He has been fortunate enough to play some of his favorite characters on the stage and to discover new favorites as he plays them on screen. This and more can be found at the resume below.


As a creative writer, Kyle has two decades of experience. While at Emerson College, he achieved a minor in Playwriting, with several plays, sketches, shorts, and solo performance pieces to his credit. He has continued that work in LA as a published writer.

He has been studying screenwriting for almost as long, and has developed a mature filmmaking perspective and taste. Kyle has worked for and with several screenwriter resource companies as Development Consultant and Writer Advocate


He currently works as a script analyst and producer, facilitating the growth of emerging writers while assisting with an informed perspective technique to help them better compete in a crowded market.

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